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Forged from the fires of imagination...

This post is for anyone who is a fan of the legendary Frank Frazetta, one of the world's most influential fantasy and science fiction artists. You've probably seen his work everywhere, but most recently in the new comic, The Death Dealer...

Which is why we're here.

There is now a high quality, limited edition jewelry line based on the works of Frank Frazetta.

“Forged from the Fires of Imagination...”

Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy fans rejoice!!!

Frazetta Legends!

Legendary artist Frank Frazetta has teamed up with jewelry designer and President of Curios Designs, LLC, Eduardo Verde, to create a jewelry line based on Mr. Frazetta’s iconic character, “The Death Dealer”.

We at Curios Designs/Frazetta Legends are dedicated to excellence. Creating magic is our goal, assuring that each piece we create will live up to your expectations and the vision of its legacy.

ALL designs are limited edition, and each piece will include:
*Silver, Gold or Platinum design
*Signed Certificate of Authenticity
*Silver/Gold clasp, leather necklace
*Embroidered velvet pouch
*Cleaning cloth

The jewelry is ready and waiting for collectors to claim it!

Click above to view the ad entirely.

For the first time in the jewelry industry, these masterpieces will be available to the public for a limited time. These unique items are all made in the United States and are “limited edition”. All jewelry is available in silver, gold and platinum and each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Frank Frazetta’s art work has been seen on hundreds of magazine covers, comic books, movie posters and album covers throughout the world.

According to Frank Frazetta, “Eduardo and Curios Designs have truly captured the spirit and legacy of my painting, “The Death Dealer”. I am very pleased to offer these masterpieces to my fans…”

Frank Frazetta is considered to be the greatest Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror artist of all time. He is adored and respected by millions of fans.

Just for being a friend on My Space, for a limited time only, you receive a 10% discount. E-mail Eduardo Verde at to claim your discount.
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