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Hidy Ho. Names Bernadette I'm new.
First I want to say that I am very odd and more then slightly crazy. I gust wanted to tell you that so you don't freak out (it has been know to happen). Well I guess the only way to describe my fashion sense is to picture a goth, an emo, an urban gypsy and punk colliding and out popped me from the madness. It shows on every thing I do, mainly the way I dress and my art and writing.
Most of the crap I have on elfwood is my fluffy stuff; my dark scary stuff is drawn in class mainly so is on lined paper and not allowed in elfwood.
My art...http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/n/a/nadette/nadette.html
My writing...Oh that's my dark scary stuff...be afraid be very afraid
Besides art and writing my life revolves around music. Take away my music and you take away my sanity, what little there is.
Um I guess if you wanted to know more you could check out my Journal or my blog (there is a link in my Journal, top of the page, can't miss it.)
Wow I'm in a sharing mode.
Well gotta run
Peace out peeps
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New print set offer

I've put together a special limited edition set of prints for the amazing bargain sum of just $18 (regular price around $12 each).
Called my 'Strange Love' series, it comprises four of my most popular pieces, The Parted Ones, Oceanstar,The Divined & Pool of Desire and is available now for a limited period.
Shipping is included in the price, and you can purchase a set from the link below:

Strange Love Print Set

x-posted like mad.

[apologies for all the cross-posting. thought i'd cover all my bases.]

Hi, I'm Autumn, and I've been lurking on this community for about 2 years, at least.

With introductions out of the way, let's get on to the meat of the post, which is SHAMELESS PLUGGERY!

martyrizedotcom - Art of the Week, posted Mondays, drawings/photos/whatever done by yours truly. Please give it a look.

http://www.martyrized.com - my website, which contains links to purchase badass 'Goth as F*ck' buttons I've designed. Click on 'Support' and have a look!


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Hey all,

I just finished painting a KuMiHo demonpicture that I began a year ago.
Mediums: Pencil, Colored Pencil, Black Ink, Photoshop in the lab

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh and here's a link to the original picture (in pen and pencils): http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/e/l/elizakate31/uploaddemon.jpg.html

It's a picture of my Kumiho's true colors which she perfers to hide under blue and white (her favorite colors).
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My last homework

In just under two weeks, I shall be leaving the UK forever, and so I wanted my very last piece here to be a reflection of that.
Called 'The Solitary way', after the last line of Miltons poem 'Paradise Lost' Its how I feel about England and my experience of living here.
Regaled in how I imagine Vivian Westwood might dress her, the fairy looks to distant shores longingly, out of place amongst the exotic menagerie, whilst a curmudgeonly tattooed dragon coils around a dead oak, recalling one supposes St George, as a griffin (that most anglo American of mythical creatures) and pheonix stir from a superior branch.
So the very last thing I did before my life changed forever, and you can bid on it from the link here.

The Solitary Way
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Hello all, I hope you are all having an easy Monday

I thought I'd post my latest peice, to pass the time

Entitled 'The Collectear' it depicts an enslaved tattered elemental, incarcerated in a concrete cell for the lascivious entertainment and procurement of her humanoid captor. In this instance, the master glowers impatiently for the fae to discharge itself of an earlier meal, as fairie faecies are believed to inhabit certain magical properties and garner a substantial reward in certain circles.

I hope you like it, and will perhaps even consider bidding on it:

Thanks for taking time to look at it, and if you have a moment, you can see my other work over at http://www.davidgoughart.com



Hello there been watching this as well as a few communties for a while now and around a month or so ago i came across this picture

Full size here http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v251/ZekeXA3/newdesktop.jpg
if anyone know who made it or can point me to the post it was in or even better the deviant link its from (which i lost) it would be gratly appriciated.