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EW! Gothic is a community for Elfwood artists that consider themselves or any of their art gothic.

This is to share everything from art to anecdotes, movie and song recommendations, and of course, tips and tricks. Everyone is welcome as long as you like gothic themes.

There are only three rules:

1. Do not use the F word as punctuation. It is irritating.

2. Do not be snobby. The administrator will decide what is snobby and what is not. He is a perkygoth and loves everyone, and if you cannot have respect for your fellow nightlings you do not belong here.

3. Do not post items that are not valid fantasy or sci-fi work, or discussion thereof. Many of us have ew_gothic listed in our friends, and we are looking for Elfwood-oriented material with a dark twist. We do not want to see an account of how horrible your day was, angsty poetry, or really long stories/big pictures with no lj-cut to protect us.

Some people have expressed concern over whether they are "goth enough." Please read this.